Space RT Priorities

2020 RDT Priorities for Space

The Space RDT Priorities are a proactive initiative of Eurospace to raise awareness on key needs and expectations of the European space industry with regard to research development and technology (RDT). The initiative supports the establishment of a consolidated consensual technology development roadmap, supported by European space industry stakeholders.

The Eurospace consolidated roadmap of activities is not a complete technology plan, it is an incremental roadmap of development proposals and activities: activities and developments already well covered in current technology programmes are not included.

The database of activities is updated annually to include emerging needs and opportunities and remove obsolete activities.

Eurospace RDT priorities: a consolidated incremental roadmap of technology activities

Initiated in 2004 the Eurospace R&T Priorities is a multifaceted tool whose heart lies in a technology requirements database. The requirements database process is supported by annual soft updates and by a major re-haul every 4 years.

The requirements database is fed by a bottom up process in which all entities in the Technology Harmonisation Panel can contribute granular technology development requirements. The requirements are organized, consolidated and submitted to a consensus-based approval process. Once approved, they are available under the name Eurospace RDT Priorities.

RDT priorities process, key points :

  • The bottom-up process is industry-owned and fully transparent
  • All technology suppliers can join in, from small to large companies and including research entities, it is a voluntary process
  • There are no entry barriers to the process and there is no heavy cost associated to the participation: all is done electronically.
  • The consolidation process ensures that all technology requirements support the development of a capability not yet available in Europe

The Eurospace R&T Priorities are organized in consistent development roadmaps and are associated to a variety of descriptors (mission, technology domain, dependence level, readiness level, etc.) that allow to filter, sort and extract the requirements to support any given request in a very short timeframe. They also support the identification of key trends and challenges, as well as risk factors and policy drivers of technology developments.

For an activity to be considered in the Eurospace RDT priorities list it must fulfil the following conditions :

  1. The activity must generate consensus with European technology stakeholders, it must be recognised as useful for the sector
  2. The activity must not duplicate an existing capacity in Europe
  3. The activity must not be covered by an existing (funded) technology plan

For any further information please contact Pierre Lionnet.

You can download the document here.