Eurospace Facts & Figures

2018 edition, with data updated to 2017, available on June 14th 2018 at 16:00

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Download the web release 2017 with the main facts of 2016 here.
Eurospace publishes, since 1996, the sole comprehensive annual review of the state of the space industry in Europe:

  • Industrial statistics collected at the source
  • Annual survey, >250 space units in the economic model
  • Proven consolidation methodology
  • Full chronological consistency and comprehensive series
  • Unique economic indicators

The print report (published in July) is distributed free of charge to industry participants, to the main space policy actors in Europe (ESA, EU, National Agencies, Ministries…), and to selected media and journalists.

This year we present the 21st edition of our annual survey of European Space Industry activity with data updated to 2016.

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Download the 2017 report, with data up to 2016 (free PDF) here. For more information please contact Eurospace (